or is this more like you?

23 Oct


Does this apply to you?

23 Oct


23 Oct

we interrupt this long hiatus, to bring you a public announcement.  We here at stuk are getting the blog back together, we took some time off, but it is time to get back on the horse and continue the course.

the first order of business is to get all of you up to speed on the bike project. it has been finished so stay tuned.

second on the agenda is to continue to post the cool, new and interesting, while trying to mix in random stuff and projects that are on the books.

So let’s get going!


lebron west

24 Jul

check this new nike MVPuppets commericial



13 Jul

well if this blog were a pet, it would have been taken away from me due to neglect.

things have gotten real busy, cuz im workin and i have put this on the back burner.

but things have ben getting done, just not posted.

as of now,i have made some progress on the bike.

it is completely disassembled, it is sanded and i am in the first stages of paint.

ill get the pics up as soon as possible. they arent too interesting yet, but progress is being made… slowly.

other than that, i will try my best to continue to post and we will see where things go




23 Jun

A group featuring some of Melbourne’s finest artists, EVERFRESH: BLACKBOOK is an upcoming book release featuring the works of EVERFRESH STUDIO. Comprised of a roster of artists including Sync, Phibs, Reka, Rone, Wonderlust, Prizm, Meggs, Makatron and The Tooth, the the book highlights the work of each respective artist and their intense use of colors, lines and iconic characters. EVERFRESH: BLACKBOOK will release in both a regular version and a limited edition hardcover versions starting in September, 2010. The hardcover, limited to 500 printings will only be available via EVERFRESH STUDIO and come with a hand finished cover, duplex printed dust jacket, Everfresh print and a photographic print signed and numbered by Josh Robenstone.

this kind of stuff always peaks my interest


Takashi Murakami in Qatar

19 Jun

The king of superflat art, Takahashi Murakami will present a large-scale exhibition in 2012 at the most unlikely of places in Qatar. The exhibition is slated to be even larger than his Palace of Versailles exhibition slated for opening in September. Qatar’s 2012 exhibition comes on the heels of an involvement from the Qatar Museums Authority.

courtesy  of HYPEBEAST -http://hypebeast.com/2010/06/takashi-murakami-qatar/