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27 Oct

They help you see that while the grass on the other side may seem greener, it really is just the glasses.  And as a piece of jewelry, it coveys this idea about the user.


THE TASK:  Create a piece of jewelry to be worn as a broach.

MATERIALS:  18 gauge Copper Frame, 1/4 in Clear Acrylic Lenses


first the frame was cut out in 3 pieces from a single copper sheet.

next, file down the edges and flatten out any uneven surfaces.

then solder on prong settings to hold the lenses.

after soldering, the piece went into a copper pickle to clean up any imperfections caused by the soldering process.

holes were then drilled into the frame and arms to rivet them into place, after the rivets were filed and sanded down flush.

once fully constructed, the piece was then sanded down to perfection, to be ready for paint.

lenses were then cut out with the help of a laser cutter. Files were constructed to the dimensions required and grass silhouettes were etched into the back sides of each lens.

the grass on the lenses was then tinted with green to help the visual language

the newly constructed frame was then bent into its final shape and given two coats of paint.

then then lenses were put into place and it was finished.



26 Oct

Last term, I worked on a project to create a flat-pack chair. The goal: to make a chair that can save in shipping and space costs by using a CAD program and a CNC router.

It was a lot of work, a lot of ideation and a lot of time.  Here is what I came up with, and how it was made.


THE BIKE – pt 3

26 Oct


the final touch was to throw on some custom STUK decals and take it for a test ride.

a lil’ chain tightening after the test ride and it is all set. FIN



THE BIKE – pt 2

26 Oct

so after the tape and a coat of glossy white, the frame was almost finished.  The same technique was then used on the forks.

after this, i removed the tape and the clear glossed the everything, this was to ensure that the paint job had some level of protection on it.

This strategy was then employed for the handle bars and seat post, but in a black color palette.

after the main fixtures of the bike were painted, it was time for the seat embellishments and the rims.

so i taped up the rims and painted the seat contrast pieces in a glossy white. the rims then got several coats of  red to make it all pop.

well now all the pieces are finished, that just leaves reassembly.

THE BIKE – pt 1

26 Oct

so i started with a bike

The first step was to strip it down to just parts.

Once that was accomplished prep needed to be done before paint.

Now that the bike is disassembled and the frame is sanded and ready for paint, a white flat primer was applied.

.After primer came another layer of flat white which was then followed up by a custom tape job, to created the desired effect for the next layer.


or is this more like you?

23 Oct

Does this apply to you?

23 Oct